Starting at under $100/month, you can be on the cloud within a few hours.


Our plans start at under $100 per month and all plans come with Windows or Linux operating systems, built in backup and a host of other features. As you know every business is unique so it is important that we first assess the needs of your operation so that we can determine the number of users, the programs you need to run and your storage requirements. With the above information we will recommend the amount of CPUs, RAM and Hard Drive space required. Rest assured that the prices we have to offer and the level of service will be unmatched.


People and technology are the essential ingredients to delivering the products and services your business offers. With Cloud4Office you get a professional partner that will understand your needs and provide all the necessary technology resources to ensure your company operates in a safer and more efficient manner.

In the past clients typically had a server in their office and if they had to hire more staff, they would need to buy additional computers. A few clients have also had disasters happen such as a water main breaking and flooding their office or an electrical problem in their building forcing them to relocate and spend many thousands to move temporarily. Since we entered the picture, all of these headaches have disappeared. Adding users is easy because we just create a new user profile in the Cloud and any expense is minimal for new equipment. If an employee needs to work away from office or if disaster happens all files and programs can be accessed remotely and productivity is not lost.

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